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Breve presentazione in lingua inglese del sito di con le principali tematiche trattate e le attività svolte.

We would like to introduce ourselves: proposes to illustrate the complex events that have characterised the history of Italian emigration in the first years of the 1900. Our objective is to rediscover, after almost a century of life, the various adventures of people that marked the history of a young Nation. In this light, wants to become a means due to which it will finally be possible to return to finding out the stories of our ancestors and, above all, create an ideal bridge between the various communities of Italian origin spread out in the four corners of the world. obviously does not have the presumption to affront the adventures of liberal Italy and the Italian emigration in a complete and exhaustive manner but it is proposed to maintain the merited attention on those who courageously and often adventurously decided to look for fortune “elsewhere”. It was exactly this new dimension that constituted for many and for a long time the window to the future that otherwise had become deprived of hope. This is a short presentation of the site that you are visiting. For complete information we remind you that is made up of various thematic sections where step by step the multiple aspects are looked at in depth that made up the epic migration of a population, offering the vision of documents, journalists reports and stories of lives lived that attempt to recreate the environment of a different epoch and, therefore, help the guests to identify themselves in “atmospheres” that have by now been lost.

The site

The website is organised into distinct sections, each of which dealing with specific topics. In the section “the emigration” it is possible to understand the primary aspects that characterised the departure; the preparations for the trip; the difficulties relevant to the ocean crossings with the steamboats. The thematic area that refers to “The Italy of those times” sis useful to remember the primary historic events of our country and place facts and people in the right historical context.
The section “The documents” try to offer to the guest an overall view of the primary documents and instruments useful to broaden the knowledge of the emigration phenomena. In particular, the “The documents” page consents to access a reasonable selection of journalistic news published in daily newspapers and magazines of the time, official texts of the Italian State and the laws drawn up by the Royal Commission for emigration.
Lastly, a section dedicated to the historical documents is not missing, for example: passports, certificates, travel tickets, etc. that better than the other material are able to illustrate with immediacy the stories of the emigrants.

A trip together: intends to develop the contents of the web site in a dynamic manner, hence, involving our guests. This aspect is of fundamental importance to us given that it consents us to work on a project that is in our hearts: collect the most possible direct and indirect testimonies by those who have seen their lives change after having left their homeland.
We want to publish short stories of experiences (hopefully drawn up by those who heard these stories told) and documents (photos, tickets, etc.) that remind us of the plans for a life to be lived in a new country.
In this regard it is possible to contact the editorial office of ( that will be happy to publish contributions and stories regarding experiences lived and stories regarding emigration. Such texts can be written in mother tongue (and will be inserted “online” in such a language) and have a length of maximum 900 words or 6000 characters spaces included. The documents must be sent in “.rtf” format by means of an attachment to e-mail and sent to the editorial staff e-mail of the site (redazione at